Intervention Planning

Drug Abuse Intervention Programs & Planning. Knowing how to approach someone with help can be the difference between another argument or their agreeing to accept entering a treatment program of recovery.

Interventions for alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health disorders and eating disorders must be tailored to the individual. If you’re considering an intervention, talk to an intervention specialist today at: 800-980-3927

Get the answers you need. Learn how to successfully plan, stage and perform an intervention. We develop intervention strategies, discuss intervention solutions, assist with intervention & treatment options, offer intervention counseling and comprehensive intervention assistance through all phases of a person’s recovery.

If someone you care about is telling you no, I won’t go to treatment, I don’t need help or the problem isn’t that bad, you are in the right place. We Can Help!

We are The Nation’s Leading Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Intervention Service Provider. We assist friends and families with the help and support needed to effectively get a person of concern into treatment.

It is our philosophy that when someone is suffering from addiction and/or a mental health related issue, wisdom compels us to take proactive measures to help them before something inevitably worse happens. Our commitment to providing you with unparalleled assistance is rooted in the fact that we too have suffered the devastating effects these untreated illnesses can inflict.

Planning and Coordinating The Intervention:

We have developed an intervention process that works.  Fortunately for you, we have already made mistakes in our own lives and with our own loved ones.

We have tried to combat addiction from every angle and found that nothing worked as well as having an experienced professional develop a proven strategy and skillfully facilitate the meeting. An intervention is not a process that can be entered into without proper guidance and planning. 

Too often we hear from families who have attempted their “own style of intervention,” and the result was unsuccessful.  Properly planning an intervention highly increases the odds that your loved one accepts help.

Our intervention specialists have years of personal and professional experience in the field of addiction treatment and intervention.  They will guide you through each stage of the process. 

They will answer all of your questions and help you make the right choices every step of the way. Each member of the intervention team will receive clear instructions on what to do and say.

We follow a list of guidelines and basic principals.  The interventionist will use that to design a specific plan that best fits the needs of your situation.

There are very few situations that we have not come across.  Should you have any worries, fears or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to share our experience with you.

Performing an intervention is too important to risk. Before approaching your loved one with an intervention, consider consulting an experienced intervention specialist today at: 800-980-3927

Carmine Thompson, CAC, CIP
Founder, Intervention Specialist

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